Object Matrix

Established in 2003, Object Matrix is a software company based in Cardiff (Wales, UK). Its acclaimed object storage product MatrixStore has been used in production since 2006 by broadcasters, banks, content distribution networks and post production facilities. Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with minimal administration and intuitive user interfaces.

File Based Workflows

Object Matrix have developed an object based solution that addresses the challenges faced by any organisation that needs to manage large amounts of file based or unstructured data. Managing where content is, how it is protected, handling metadata and ultimately finding it can often be a costly and resource hungry endeavour. MatrixStore is the nearline storage platform that drastically reduces the management overhead in tackling those issues.

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MatrixStore. Fast & Secure Nearline Storage

MatrixStore is the trusted and highly secure disk-based repository designed to protect your digital assets in an automated and regulated manner, thus providing a substantial return on investment. It is the safe place to protect your assets from ingest to archive. MatrixStore sits transparently behind your workflow protecting your digital assets with little or no administrative effort.

MatrixStore Positioning

MatrixStore is used in a number of workflows from ingest and re-purposing of content to parking, transcoding, VOD and deep archive:

Guaranteed ingest providing a secure, searchable repository for rushes or any content that enters your facility.

Nearline Archive
Take the strain off production storage (ISIS, StorNext etc). Protect content that needs to be parked, re-versioned, distributed or monetised onto a more appropriate solution.

Digital Preservation Archive
Ensure your data is available 24/7 for re-purposing and revenue generation while protecting your content in accordance with internal or external compliance regulations.